Privacy Policy


     We, FlightLookup, acknowledge and respect an individual's right to privacy. In this Privacy Policy, we will try to explain as clearly as possible how FlightLookup handles your Personal Data. For the definitions of the terms used in this Privacy Policy, we refer to the definitions set out below. In the 'Privacy Policy for Visitors' section of this Privacy Policy, we explain how we handle the Personal Data of the Visitors to this web site and to the web sites of our Clients (to the extent that the web sites of our Clients are utilized by means of a service or by means of the software of FlightLookup). In the 'Privacy Policy for Clients' section, we explain how we handle the Personal Data of our Clients and further explain how we use Personal Data collected from Visitors to their web sites on their behalf. In that section we also provide our Clients with information on the Applicable Privacy Legislation.

Privacy Policy for Visitors

The services and software of FlightLookup

     On the instruction of its Clients, FlightLookup collects data for its clients by means of its services and software.

Collection of Data

Personal Data

     On the instruction of its clients, FlightLookup can collect personal data by means of automatic telephone software. FlightLookup does not without individual permission by the visitor process personal data for its own purposes, save for the following set out below.

Submitted Data

     FlightLookup processes submitted data (such as email addresses and telephone numbers). FlightLookup uses this information itself for internal research, for promotional purposes only.


     The collected data will be stored in a central database, controlled by FlightLookup's administrative staff. In the case of data in relation to which FlightLookup is the data controller, FlightLookup will keep the information for no longer than is necessary and/or appropriate, depending on the purpose for which it is held.

Access by third parties

     Our clients themselves manage the access to the collected data and can delete this data at any desired time.

Privacy legislation

Clients of FlightLookup

     Our clients enter into an agreement with us, in which FlightLookup undertakes to process collected data on the instruction of its clients and their clients/prospects by means of its services and software. Since our clients are free to determine for what purposes personal data will be used, clients may be regarded as the data controller within the meaning of the Applicable Privacy Legislation. FlightLookup acts only as a processor for its clients. FlightLookup therefore cannot warrant the manner in which its clients handle the personal data that it provides and does not accept any liability in that respect.

     FlightLookup advises its clients to observe the Applicable Privacy Legislation and to carefully inform the visitors to their web sites, by means of a privacy policy, of the way in which the clients handle personal data. FlightLookup also advises the Visitors to those web sites to read the privacy policy if they wish to know how their personal data are handled.


     In so far as FlightLookup processes personal data for its own purposes (as set out in this Privacy Policy), FlightLookup itself may be regarded as the data controller within the meaning of the Applicable Privacy Legislation. We will process the personal data (if any) only in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Applicable Privacy Legislation.


     FlightLookup aims at explaining its privacy policy as clearly as possible. If you nevertheless have questions or complaints concerning FlightLookup's privacy policy, or if you wish to exercise your right of access or to rectify your personal data or to oppose the processing thereof, please send an e-mail to support@FlightLookup.com

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

     FlightLookup reserves the right to amend the content of this Privacy Policy. If FlightLookup changes the policy to increase our rights to use your personal data, you will be notified on our web site of such changes and we will only apply such wider uses to personal data we obtain after the date that the policy was changed.

Privacy Policy for Clients

     If you as a client use our services and software, FlightLookup will process the data described below on your instruction. However, FlightLookup will process some data for its own purposes as well, as described in more detail in this Privacy Policy.

Processing of data

Types of data

     FlightLookup processes two types of data:

Collected Data

     These are the data that FlightLookup has collected on your behalf. FlightLookup processes the data into accessible reports. These may be anonymous data or personal data.

Your Personal Data

     FlightLookup requests these data from you in order to provide you with our services and to contact you and inform you about services and software of FlightLookup. It is always possible to inspect your Personal Data and to amend them if necessary. For that purpose, please send an e-mail to info.

Privacy Legislation

     As a Client of FlightLookup, you yourself are responsible for complying with the Applicable Privacy Legislation. In that context, you will have to inform your Visitors, for instance by means of a privacy policy, about the way in which you handle Personal Data (if any) collected by you. FlightLookup can only advise you to carefully explain to your visitors, among others, who you are, what personal data you process, for what purposes, and how they can access and rectify their Personal Data and oppose the use thereof.

     We would note that, before processing personal data, you may have to file a declaration with the authority that is authorized under the Applicable Privacy Legislation to supervise its enforcement. In some cases, notably in the case of sensitive information such as that relating to a Visitor's health, ethnic origin or disability, you may also need a visitor's prior approval to process his or her personal data.

     In view of the above, we therefore advise you to obtain legal advice on the way in which you may use personal data.

The safety of your collected Data

     Your collected data and personal data are handled with due care. Your collected data are protected by means of unique codes, known only to you, as the client. Information can only be passed on to third parties by yourself, as the client. The technical and organizational measures taken by FlightLookup to prevent loss or abuse of and unauthorized access to the data meet industry standards.

Request for information from third parties

     FlightLookup may be requested to disclose the identity of clients. FlightLookup will always refuse such requests, unless it is required by law to comply, or after written consent from you, the client.


Anonymous Data

     Anonymous Data are data that cannot be traced to an identifiable or identified person.

Applicable Privacy Legislation

     In the European Union, the Processing of Personal Data is governed by Directive No 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 November 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (OJ EC L 281). For more information on that Directive, see: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:31995L0046:en:HTML.

     The Law governs the processing of personal data and sets out obligations imposed on the DataController. Since the Client of FlightLookup enters into an agreement by which FlightLookup undertakes to process collected data by means of installed software and the client itself determines the purposes for which it will use those data, the client is regarded as the data controller within the meaning of the Law. The client must therefore observe the obligations under the Law.

     In so far as FlightLookup itself can be regarded as the data controller, FlightLookup will also observe the obligations under the Law, that FlightLookup is required to observe.


     Clients are parties that use a service or software of FlightLookup in order to collect data.

Data Controller

     The Data Controller is the party that determines the purpose for which, and the manner in which, personal data are processed.

Collected Data

     Collected Data are all data that FlightLookup processes by means of its software for the use of the client. They may be anonymous data and/or personal data.

Personal Data

     Personal Data are all data that can be traced to an identifiable or identified person. Examples are: name, date of birth, correspondence address and e-mail address.


     Processing means any act with regard to personal data, in any event including the collection, recording, organizing, storing, updating, changing, retrieving, consulting, using, provision by means of forwarding, distribution or any other form of making available, collection and linking, as well as the protection, deletion or destruction of data.


     A Processor is the party that processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller.


     Visitors are persons who visit the FlightLookup web site, but have not entered into a client relationship.